Ultra Refreshing Rose: Ioppa Nebbiolo Rose 'Rusin'

Ultra Refreshing Rose: Ioppa Nebbiolo Rose 'Rusin'

It's back, and it's another highly successful vintage of the Ioppa Rose of Nebbiolo. This has been a personal favorite of mine the past few vintages, and the 2021 is again highly aromatic, delicious, and delightful. 

From vineyards in Italy's Alto Piemonte, to the north of Barolo, this offers up tons of "springy" aromas and flavors. I bought the maximum amount my distributor would allow, but that only added up to 10 cases. Those will be gone in no time. 

Ioppa Nebbiolo Rose Rusin

2021 Ioppa Nebbiolo Rose 'Rusin' 

This gives top-flight Provencal roses a serious run for their money! 

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Talk about a big glass of spring and summer sunshine, fruit, and flowers. Being that Nebbiolo produces some of the most lovely and aromatic reds on the planet, it's not surprising it does the same for dry rose. This explodes out of the glass with intense notes of watermelon, strawberry, pomegranate, ginger, white flowers and more. But don't forget Nebbiolo is naturally high in acidity, so this one stays super fresh, dry, and zesty on the palate.

If you love dry roses, you've got to try this one. For those who've shopped with us for any length of time, you know we are champions of the dry rose category. With some of the elements of a red wine but more characteristics of a white wine, dry roses like this one can unify palates. Equally important, they are super versatile at the dinner table. More on that below.

Sounds good right? Trust me, it's straight up stunning! And it comes from a wonderful, small, family owned and operated winery that has been around since 1852. Today, it's still a family affair led by sixth generation grower Giorgio Ioppa with help from his two sons Andrea and Luca and his nephew Marco. Giorgio has been instrumental in returning this estate to its past glories with organic farming and traditional, minimal intervention winemaking. I'd say their efforts are paying off with some of the best wines of the Alto Piemonte. 

What do I want to eat with this? Lots of stuff! Ahi tuna tacos would be great. So would a Nicoise salad or a low country boil. You can also skip the food and enjoy this one chilled on a warm spring or summer afternoon. It's just delightful, but remember, I've only got 120 bottles to offer.

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Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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