2019 Tegernseerhof Gruner Veltiner T26 Federspiel

2019 Tegernseerhof Gruner Veltiner T26 Federspiel

The Tegernseerhof Gruner Veltliner T26 Federspiel is one of Austria’s greatest dry white wine values. From the steep slopes of the Wachau and from the top vintage of the 21st century (so far), this is what Gruner Veltliner is supposed to taste like.

So what’s with the name? We’ll get to that later. Don’t even try to pronounce it. But know that this is world-class rendition of Austria’s #1 grape and one of the top white wine values on the planet. Martin Mittelbach, one of the Wachau’s great winemakers, is the fifth generation of his family to manage Tegernseerhof, an estate that goes back 1,000 years!

2019 Tegernseerhof Gruner Veltiner T26 Federspiel 

94 Points Josh Spurling: “Juicy, deeply flavored, and vibrant with citrus, pear, white pepper, and mineral. Classic wine from one of the Wachau’s most respected producers!”

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We’re selling more Gruner Veltliner than ever, and it’s wines like this one that are making that happen. So what’s with the name? Several years back, importer Klaus Wittauer was in the Mittelbach family cellar, tasting through several of the estate’s recently fermented and lesser expensive tanks of Gruner. When he got to Tank #26, he knew he’d found his wine. And the T26 name has stuck and represents the estate’s greatest value.

And in a vintage as perfect as 2019, one of the best in the past 30 years in Austria, this is a wine that offers up qualities more often found in $30 to $40 Gruner Veltliners. Fermented entirely in stainless steel and completely dry, there is a lot going on here. The nose is “loud” and highly aromatic, offering up a lovely mix of wet stone, white pepper, honeysuckle, pear, green apple, and Indian spices. And the palate is equally enthralling with wonderful concentration to the lime, apple, spice, and arugula notes.

Some of you might remember this from last year’s “Perfect Thanksgiving Six-Pack.” We sold a ton of those six-packs, but this was the wine folks kept coming back for. Trust me, every vintage of this wine is great, but the 2019 is special. A contemplative wine to sip on with your “serious” wine drinking friends, it also loves poultry, seafood, and mild cheeses.

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