2019 Proprieta Sperino Rosa del Rosa

2019 Proprieta Sperino Rosa del Rosa

SOLD OUT! We were one of the lucky few stores in North Carolina to snag any of the 2019 Proprieta Sperino Rosa del Rosa. A dry, concentrated, and powerful rosato based primarily on Nebbiolo, this was Vinous Media’s highest rated Italian rosato of the 2019 vintage.

When world renowned winemaker Paolo De Marchi isn’t making award winning Chiantis and Super Tuscans at Isole E Olena, his estate in Tuscany, he makes gorgeous wines at his family’s tiny estate in the Northern Piemonte. And his Rosa del Rosa is not only one of the finest dry rosés produced in Italy, it’s one of the best produced anywhere by anybody.

2019 Proprieta Sperino Rosa del Rosa 

93 points Vinous Media 


North of the more famed vineyards of Barolo and Barbaresco lie the vineyards of the Alto Piemonte. If you’re familiar with “wine lingo,” Alto and Alta tends to refer to vineyards located at higher elevations. And that’s exactly what you have here. Proprieta Sperino’s vineyard sit in the shadows of the Alps and the sandy soils combined withe the cooler temperatures of the region yield brighter and fresher wines with gorgeous aromatic personalities.

This old estate lay in ruins for many years before father and son Paolo and Luca De Marchi saved it in 1999. The Sperino family, distant relatives of the di Marchis, established this estate in the 1800’s. For years, they helped put the wines of Lessona on the map and Felice Sperino was considered one of the leading growers of the region. In the early 1900’s, without any direct heirs, the property passed to the De Marchi family, collateral relatives of the Sperino family. But the De Marchis were already established in Turin as doctors and lawyers, and wine growing was always an “amateur affair” for them. That is until 1999, when Paolo and Luca revived the estate to its former glory.

Today, Proprieta Sperino is without a doubt one of the leading lights of the modern Alto Piemonte. And their dry rosato, a blend of 85% Nebbiolo and 15% Vespolina, is one of the best dry Italian rosés I’ve ever put in my glass. I’d love to blather one about it, but I have little to add to the Vinous Media review. “The 2019 Sperino Rosa del Rosa is stunning, opening to reveal depths of ripe peach and strawberry, with hints of cumin, ginger, dried orange, and roses. It floods the palate with silky textures, tugging at the cheeks as zesty acids settle in, then soothing through sweet liquid florals and ripe fruit. The finish is long, showing a hint of fine tannins, yet not austere; instead tactile, perfectly balanced with a hint of savory spice and just begging me to take another sip. This is a blend of Nebbiolo and Vespolina that is gorgeous right now, but may even get better with a little time in the cellar. Frankly, it was hard to put the glass down.”

So there you go — a world-class, highly-rated, delicious rosé with a great story at a great price. This is not your light and fruity rosé folks — it’s a little deeper colored and it’s definitely fuller-bodied and fuller-flavored. I think it would be stellar with some toro or tuna sashimi or richer, oilier, fattier fish preparations.

Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
Table Wine Asheville


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