2019 Monte Tondo Garganega Frizzante

2019 Monte Tondo Garganega Frizzante

SOLD OUT! The Monte Tondo Garganega Frizzante is the ultimate summer white! Dry, crisp, and just a little bit spritzy, it’s super refreshing and thirst-quenching. For fans of Pet-Nat or Txakoli, this will be right up your alley.

Monte Tondo is one of the top estates in Soave, one of Italy’s key white wine regions. And Garganega is the headlining grape in all great Soaves. Bottled with a “regular” cork, this has about half the pressure of a traditional sparkling wine. And that’s what makes it so fun!

2019 Monte Tondo Garganega Frizzante 

“Spritzy, fresh, and peachy, this is the perfect summer white.” – Josh Spurling


Monte Tondo is a third generation, family-run estate nestled in the gentle hills of Soave, just outside of Verona. Father and daughter Gino and Marta Magnabosco oversee all aspects of production, from the vineyard to the bottle. They farm organically, they hand harvest, and they craft some of the finest wines of the region.

And their Garganega Frizzante might be the funnest little white wine in the store. Composed entirely of Garganega and fermented in sealed stainless steel tanks to preserve natural carbonation from fermentation, this is very lightly effervescent and oh-so delicious. Offering up aromas and flavors of fresh peach, pear, and white flowers along a rush of tiny, gentle bubbles, this one goes down way too easy.

The only thing left to do is pick some up, chill it down, pull the cork, and enjoy. It’s awesome with cold summer dishes — think salads, sushi, gazpacho, etc. But it’s also wonderful by itself at the beach, on the porch, or at the pool.

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Josh Spurling
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