2019 Laurent Combier Syrah

2019 Laurent Combier Syrah

The 2019 Laurent Combier Syrah is a wine I can’t stop thinking about. Here is a wine that will immediately help you understand why France’s Northern Rhone is famous for Syrah.

The key to enjoying this wine is to give it at least an hour in a decanter. Although quite tasty right after pouring, this one really blooms into something special with plenty of air. If you’re having duck or lamb for a holiday dinner this year, do yourself a favor, and get some of this!

Laurent Combier Syrah 2019

2019 Laurent Combier Syrah 

Pure, aromatic, elegant Syrah from this Northern Rhone All-Star.

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There is so much to love about this wine. It just oozes with pure and unbridled Syrah character. There’s ripe and sumptuous blueberry and cherry fruit along with that savory, spicy, floral, sensual character that the grape rarely achieves outside of the Northern Rhone. In addition, once this one opens up, it’s downright gulpable. And that’s because the texture becomes absolutely seamless and the flavors absolutely delicious.

Laurent’s father Maurice was one of the first Northern Rhone growers to farm organically. This was back in the early 1970’s, when organics was unheard of in the region. As this was previously unheard of in Crozes-Hermitage (and for that matter, just about all of Europe), he became known locally as Maurice le Fou (Crazy Maurice). But before long, the orchards and vineyards had achieved a balance and were producing even more delicious fruit. Other producers in the area soon followed Maurice’s lead. In 1989, Laurent joined his father and continued the good work.

So why do they just call this Syrah when they’re based in Crozes-Hermitage? In 2019, many of Combier’s vineyards in Saint-Joseph and Crozes-Hermitage were severely damaged by hail. Laurent made the difficult choice to de-classify these lots, and that is what’s in the bottle here. And these days, finding a first-rate Syrah from Saint-Joseph or Crozes-Hermitage for less than $30 is pretty much impossible. That’s why this is such and amazing deal.

After tasting this one, I bought every bottle our distributor would sell us, but all they had left was 5 cases. Act fast on this one folks. Because once it’s gone, it’s gone.

To place your order, stop by the store or click here to order this item in our online store. 

Josh Spurling
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