2019 Franck Millet Sancerre

2019 Franck Millet Sancerre

The 2019 Franck Millet Sancerre is a stunning Sauvignon Blanc from a relatively new producer. When I tasted this one recently, I knew I was going to buy a bunch right when I smelled it.

This is a wine I would describe as classic Sancerre. Zesty, bright, and chalky, it is a bit fuller and weightier than many of its competitors in this price range. At less than $30, this stuff is gonna’ fly out of the store rapidly!

Franck Millet Sancerre

2019 Franck Millet Sancerre 

“Everything I want in Sancerre and more!” 93 points – Josh Spurling

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Franck and Betty Millet took over this estate in 1991. They definitely aren’t the oldest producer in the appellation, but their wine certainly shows that they know what they are doing. Their vineyards are located in the village of Bué, just a couple miles from the town of Sancerre and two hours south of Paris. Along with Chavignol, Bué has the best terroir and produces some of the most complex Sancerres out there.

It’s all about the dirt here folks! And the ancient, rocky, limestone soils found in the vineyards here are what makes the magic happen. It’s these well-drained, mineral-rich, organically farmed soils that give wines like this one such distinctive personalities. You can make Sauvignon Blanc pretty much anywhere. But you can only make Sancerre in Sancerre! And when we talk about Sauvignon Blanc from Sancerre, you will often see descriptors like mineral, flint, and wet rock.

It’s this mineral complexity that really gets people hooked. And it’s certainly present in the 2019 Franck Millet Sancerre, but that’s not all that’s going on. There is ripe fruit here too, no doubt due to the high quality of the 2019 vintage. I pick up notes of apple, pear, and ripe citrus along with a gentle spicy note that really come out to play on the finish. All in all, this is fleshy and full-flavored, but it stays super fresh and zingy at the same time.

Having fish or seafood for Christmas dinner this year? Get a few bottles of this, and you’ll be in heaven. Serve it with a good chill, but not icy cold. Trust me, if you serve it too cold, you won’t experience all the goodness this wine has to offer. Cheers and Happy Holidays!

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Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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