Domaine Amido Merlot 2019

2019 Domaine Amido Merlot

SOLD OUT! The 2019 Domaine Amido Merlot is the wine that’s going to make you love Merlot again. Ever since Sideways came out, American wine drinkers have been convinced that this very noble grape is inferior. Trust me, Merlot is alive and well, and when you drink a bottle of this, you’ll taste what I’m talking about.

Many of you know the Domaine Amido Cotes du Rhone. It’s one of our best sellers of all time. And I suspect this estate’s Old Vine Merlot is going to become a top seller too. You will struggle to find a better bottle of red wine for your dollar.

Domaine Amido Merlot

2019 Domaine Amido Merlot 

Old vine Merlot from Lirac in the Southern Rhone. Drinks like a Right Bank Bordeaux meets a Spicy Southern Rhone!


I was not expecting much when I tasted this recently with my sales rep. Merlot from the Southern Rhone? What in the world? But to my delight, I was greeted with a substantial red wine. Good color, great nose, seamless palate, great flavor and long finish. And when my sales rep told me the price, I had to keep my “poker face” on. This is one of those “diamond in the rough” wines, one that way over-delivers.

I started doing some research, and I even called importer Charles Neal for full details. Charles explained to me that Christian Amido planted Merlot back in the late 1970’s. At the time, Merlot was a very in-demand red wine in Britain. And Christian grew these grapes and bottled this wine specifically for supermarket chains in the UK. I’m really glad the Amido family didn’t rip these vines out when Merlot fell out of favor. Today, these old vines yield a wine of true substance and one that must me tasted to be believed.

Christian’s daughters Nathalie and Dominique run the estate these days, and they farm their vineyards scattered throughout Lirac, Tavel, and the Cotes du Rhones without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides. They care about the health of their land and their vineyards, and healthy soils yield healthy and delicious wines.

And this is certainly delicious! Right out of the gate, this one is plush and supple with a ripe core of plum and dark raspberry fruit with some peppery spice in the background. Soft and round in texture, it goes down a bit too easy. I wouldn’t say it’s super complex, but it certainly makes for a great house red. And I’ll be drinking a bottle this weekend with a bison burger with blue cheese and caramelized onions. I can’t wait!

I’d highly recommend you get at least a 6-pack of this. The price is right, the quality is there, and you can comfortably drink this one now and over the next 2-3 years. It’s another great find from a wonderful, small, family owned and operated winery. Enjoy!

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Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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