Andre Bonhomme Vire Clesse Les Pierres Blanches 2018

2018 Andre Bonhome Vire Clesse - Tiny Production, Magnificent White Burgundy

SOLD OUT! This is just the third time I’ve ever gotten stock on the Andre Bonhomme Vire Clesse ‘Les Pierres Blanches.’ And I’m highly tempted to keep this year’s allotment all to myself but that wouldn’t be nice. I got a little more this year (84 bottles) than I have in the past and I’ve already claimed mine.

If you love high-toned, mineralic, complex White Burgundy, please make sure you snag some of this very special wine. Because once it’s gone, it could easily be another 3 years before I land any more.

Andre Bonhomme Vire Clesses Pierres Blanches

2018 Domaine Andre Bonhomme Vire Clesse ‘Les Pierres Blanches’

Super rare, super delicious and super affordable. This combination rarely happens in Burgundy.


Here’s a wine that offers the perfect trifecta of attributes. First and foremost, Domaine Andre Bonhomme is regarded by many as one of the top 2 or 3 producers in the Maconnais in Southern Burgundy. As if that wasn’t enough, this comes from some very old vines and some very special terroir. ‘Les Pierres Blanches’ translates to ‘the white stones’ and that’s reference to the rocky, limestone-rich soils these Chardonnay vines thrive in. And last but not least, the 2018 vintage was nearly perfect throughout Burgundy. Great producer, great terroir, great vintage, great wine.

All I can say is purchase as much of this wine as you can. It’s so satisfying and really exemplifies what I love about great White Burgundy – it’s always delicious but never boring. There’s body and power here, but there’s elegance and restraint. There’s gorgeous ripeness and purity of fruit but there’s also great acidity and wonderful minerality. And at this price, you will not find a better White Burgundy for your dollar.

As I said, Vintage 2018 was a great one and it’s clearly evident in this wine. The aromas are of smoky, chalky, rocky stuff along with white peach, green apple, honeysuckle, bergamot and pear skin. Vibrant and balanced on the palate, it offers up luxurious texture and richness but it never gets fat, cloying or sweet. I’m confident in saying this would give many Puligny Montrachets and Pouilly Fuisses a serious run for their money…….and it’s just $25.99/bottle!

Bonhomme never fails to please, even the most challenging of vintages. But in the great years, the wines from this certified organic estate are some of the top values in all of Burgundy. Oh yeah, if stored properly, this one ages and improves for 10-15 years! But for enjoying now, serve with meatier, oilier fish and seafood with rich cream sauces. YUM!

Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
Table Wine Asheville


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