2017 Leo Hillinger Pinot Noir Eveline

2017 Leo Hillinger Eveline Pinot Noir

SOLD OUT! It’s a little bit early to being calling the 2017 Leo Hillinger Eveline Pinot Noir the find and deal of the year, but I’m 100% certain on this one.

I tasted this with my staff a couple of weeks ago up against a top-flight Red Burgundy and a really good California Pinot Noir. This one stood toe to toe, and it comes to you at less than half the price! Trust me, if you love Pinot Noir, get a case of this.

2017 Leo Hillinger Eveline Pinot Noir

2017 Leo Hillinger Eveline Pinot Noir

The Best of Both Worlds — Burgundy Meets California — Just 28 cases up for grabs


It should come as no surprise to many of you that Austria is capable of producing world-class Pinot Noir. Remember the Anton Bauer Pinot Noir from last year? The one that Wine Enthusiast scored 93 points? Many of you loved that one and for good reason. Good news — this one comes from the same importer, and I think it’s even better than the Bauer.

Importer Klaus Wittauer first discovered this wine on a buying trip in 2006. He was blown away by the quality and told Leo Hillinger he’d take the entire tank. After returning home to the states, forgetting about this conversation, and settling in for a few months, Klaus received a call from Leo. “Your 6,000 liters of Pinot Noir are ready.” Klaus knew it was a gamble, as Austrian Pinot Noir wasn’t exactly flying in the the states, but he followed through on his obligation. And the gamble paid off, as Klaus quickly sold out of the 2005 vintage, and now the 600-700 cases that make it to the US each year sell out in no time.

That’s why I stepped up and bought 28 cases — because if I didn’t someone else was going to. With the ripe fruit notes of a gorgeous California Pinot Noir (strawberry, pomegranate, raspberry) paired with the more sensual and savory notes of a fine Red Burgundy (sandalwood, herb, vanilla), it’s elegant, nuanced, silky and pleasure-bent. I know I’m prone to some pretty lofty prose at times, but I promise you this delivers upon my words.

You might be thinking 28 cases is going to last a long time, but you would be underestimating how strong the Pinot Noir love runs at Table Wine. And I’ll have some customers who pick up 2-3 cases of this one — it’s that good. I’m not trying to be all “used car salesman” on you — I’m just saying this one will disappear quicker than you think.  

Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
Table Wine Asheville


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