2017 Domaine du Prieuré Savigny les Beaune 'Les Gollardes'

2017 Domaine du Prieuré Savigny les Beaune 'Les Gollardes'

The 2017 Domaine du Prieuré Savigny les Beaune ‘Les Gollardes’ is another stunning Red Burgundy find. From the same importer that brings us the Capitain Gagnerot wines, this single vineyard Pinot Noir will make a lot of folks happy.

This is Red Burg done incredibly right and coming to you at a more than fair price. There’s a lot to like about this elegant, complex, and satisfying Pinot Noir. And it comes from a wonderful, third generation, family-run winery. Even better, the vines in this vineyard are over 50 years old!

2017 Domaine du Prieuré Savigny les Beaune ‘Les Gollardes’


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Husband and wife Stephen and Luci Maurice run this charming estate at the entrance of the sleepy village of Savigny-les-Beaune. Their wines are direct reflections of their personalities; profound, refined, and elegant. And their wines have a great track record for aging well. Importer William Woodruff of Seattle-based Chloe Wines told me on his last visit to Domaine du Prieuré, he enjoyed reds from the 1960’s! He said it was a profound experience. I wish I could have joined him…..

What makes this particular wine so special? Several things, but let’s start with the Les Gollardes lieu-dit (single vineyard). This 1.9 acre parcel was planted in the late 1960’s, and the soils here are rocky and well-drained. The Maurice’s subscribe to a sustainable model of farming — they only use chemical pesticides and fungicides when absolutely necessary. And who can knock them for that? Have you ever tried farming out as a profession? Additionally, they hand harvest and sort all of their grapes, they ferment with native yeasts, and they age in primarily older barrels (10% new). In a good year like 2017, they’ll make 400 cases of this wine.

So what’s it taste and smell like? To me, this is the essence of Red Burgundy. There’s a wonderful combination of fruit, earth, and spice. And like all great Red Burgs, the texture is silky and seamless. I pick up notes of morello cherry, dark currant, forest floor, and brown spices. Medium-bodied and concentrated in flavor, it glides across the palate effortlessly, finishing long and harmoniously. It’s one of those wines that’s pretty easy to knock back, but it’s also interesting. You can drink it however you’d like!

If you loved the Capitain Gagnerot, go ahead and get a six pack and save big. Enjoy this one with classic French bistro fare — steak frites, roast chicken, even salmon. It’s incredibly versatile at the dinner table. If it “performs” like the Capitain-Gagnerot, it will sell out in less than 48 hours. Act fast!

To order, stop by the store or click here to order from our online store.

Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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