Corte Majoli Valpolicella Ripasso 2017

2017 Corte Majoli Valpolicella Ripasso

The 2017 Corte Majoli Valpolicella Ripasso is the perfect red wine for those who love Amarone but hate paying the price. This rich, deeply colored, complex red is a personal favorite of mine, especially during the cooler months of winter.

At less than $20 per bottle, this is a ton of wine for the money. Keep reading to learn more about this fantastic Italian red.

Corte Majoli Valpolicella Ripasso

2017 Corte Majoli Valpolicella Ripasso

“Baby Amarone” at a great price! 93 points TTW (Team Table Wine)

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Let’s start the conversation by talking about the different wines produced in the Valpolicella zone, just outside of Verona. There’s basic Valpolicella, a simple and juicy wine perfect for washing down pizza. Then there’s Amarone, where the grapes are dried to concentrate flavors. And finally there’s Ripasso, which literally means “repass.” This is where a basic Valpolicella is fermented with the skins of an Amarone. The “repassing” of these skins with that basic Valpolicella enhances the body, the texture, and the flavor profile of the finished wine.

Now with that lesson behind us, let’s talk about the Tezza family, who are responsible for this wine. This third generation, family owned estate is currently run by cousins Flavio, Vanio, and Federico Tezza. The estate is certified organic, and all of the grapes are from the family’s holdings (no purchased fruit). All of the vineyard work is done by hand, and the wines are made at the Tezza’s facility in Verona. This quality control from the vineyard to the bottle is the main reason this wine is consistently delicious.

The blend here is 60% Corvina (the most important grape in the zone), 20% Rondinlla, and 10% Corvinone. Don’t get lost if you’re not familiar with the grapes — just remember the key to any great Valpolicella is healthy Corvina. After the primary fermentation, the second fermentation (with the Amarone skins) occurs in January. The wine is then aged for 12 months in barrels and 6 months in bottle before release.

The 2017 vintage of this wine is showing especially well… honestly almost tastes like Amarone! Ripe notes of dark cherry, spiced plum, raisin, pink peppercorn, clove, leather, and toasty oak are all present here. Generous and full-flavored, this has got some structure and grip, but it’s also got plenty of ripe fruit to create balance and harmony.

A delicious “fireplace wine,” it’s also a natural match with strong cheeses like Parmesan or Taleggio. Or if you want to really do it up, make a slow and long braised beef stew with carrots, prunes, cloves, and potatoes. I can almost taste the symphony of flavors. If you like rich, deeply flavored reds, I can pretty much guarantee you’re going to like this. Cheers to happy drinking and eating in Asheville.

To order, stop by the store or click here to order in our online store.

Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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