2017 Bitouze Prieur Bourgogne Rouge

2017 Bitouzet-Prieur Bourgogne Rouge

Bitouzet-Prieur makes some of my favorite Volnays, and their 2017 Bourgogne Rouge comes from a site just south of that famed Cotes de Beaune village. And for this reason, I’m calling this one a “Baby Volnay.”

It possesses all of the silky, sensual character of a Volnay, but it comes to you at less than $40 per bottle. For the record, these days Volnays start at $50 to $60. Seriously folks, if you love Red Burgundy, you really need to get some of this.

Bitouzet Prieur Bourgogne Rouge

2017 Bitouzet-Prieur Bourgogne Rouge

Drinks like Volnay at a fraction of the price. Silky, smooth, and savory Pinot Noir brought to us by importer Neal Rosenthal!

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A committed classicist, Vincent Bitouzet makes wines that provide both enjoyment and contemplation. Isn’t that what good, small grower-producer Burgundy is always supposed to do? Of course it is, but not all producers commit their whole beings to their vineyards like Monsieur Bitouzet does. He farms organically, he hand harvests, he ferments with native yeasts, and he uses minimal new oak. Add to that the fact that Bitouzet’s ancestral roots in Burgundy cover at least the last two centuries, and I think you start to understand this guy just gets it.

In a world of fruity and insipid Bourgogne Rouges, Vincent’s stands in stark contrast. It actually comes from a 1.2 hectare single vineyard that was planted between 1963 and 1970. Like I said earlier, if you took a few steps north, you’d be in Volnay and the price would double.

From the generous and highly regarded 2017 vintage, this wine delivers all of the elegance and complexity that Bitouzet-Prieur’s reds are known for. Translated, it smells and tastes really good. Boasting a deeper color than most entry level Red Burgundies, this one delivers the goods and then some. The nose showcases ripe notes of dark cherry, raspberry, damp earth, and complex spices, but it doesn’t stop there. The palate continues the joy ride with silky tannin and a seamless and elegant personality.

I don’t know what else you could ask for in a Red Burgundy for less than forty bucks. After tasting this one, I special ordered 7 cases without batting an eye. If you love Red Burgundy as much as I do or want to understand why I love Red Burgundy as much as I do, this wine needs to be in your glass asap. Cheers!

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Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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