Great Gift Ideas, Table Wine Style

Great Gift Ideas, Table Wine Style

Are you all ready stressing about what to buy your oenophile friend or family member for Christmas? Stop fretting, as we’ve got a few great ideas for you. We don’t stock much in the way of lavish wine accessories, but we do offer many options and we can be creative. Take a look at some of our best gift ideas.

1. Personalized Wine Gifts – Buy them a themed case or even just a few bottles of wine (all France, all Cabernet Sauvignon, etc.), and we’ll wrap each bottle with a sheet with a description of each wine and food pairing suggestions. We don’t charge extra for this either!

2. Grape Nuts Membership – Sign them up to become a Grape Nut, Table Wine’s tasting group and loyalty program. It’s just $25 for a 12 month membership and the incentives are many. For more details, click here.

3. Gift Certificates – Of course we sell gift certificates and you can get them in any denomination you’d like. They’re old fashioned paper gift certificates, but they look good and they require little or no brain drainage on your part – let your friend decide what they want armed with a Table Wine gift certificate.

4. Give The Gift of Massage – My sweet and lovely wife Lynn has magic hands………and elbows for those who like a deeper massage! She charges $70 per hour and gift certificates can be purchased at the store (cash or check only please) or you can reach her at 828.606.6600 or viaher email at

4. An Expensive Bottle of Wine – It never hurts to be suggestive! I know the name of the store is Table Wine, but our motto is that any bottle of wine, regardless of price, can be enjoyed at a table.