Table Wine Grape Nuts

Grape Nuts Occupy Table Wine

A new wave of “vino-activism” is sweeping Asheville with demonstrations taking place outside of large, chain grocery stores with groups protesting the deplorable quality of wines sold at these establishments. One demonstrator named Mondo Vino stated that “every time I drink a bottle of wine from the grocery store, I get a raging head ache“.

Counter to these demonstrations are the ones that have been taking place at Table Wine for the past year. A rowdy but cheerful bunch has occupied the store week end after week end for almost a year, refusing to leave until store owner Josh Spurling pours them a bad wine. “This place doesn’t have any bad wine and I feel happy and free after I drink their wines”, says “occupier” Merlot Molly.

Table Wine Grape Nuts

Grape Nuts Celebrate Good Wine

Table Wine owner Josh Spurling is pleased to accommodate these peaceful protestors, but once they started sleeping at the store, he had to start charging them some money. Thus, the Grape Nuts were formed! As defined by Webster’s Dictionary, a Grape Nut is “one who is nutty about grapes”.

If you’d like to join this movement which seeks to expose Asheville wine lovers to the best, non-headache inducing wines from small family wineries and estates, just stop by the store and tell Lynn or Josh to sign you up. All it costs is $25 a year and here is what you get in return.

Table Wine Asheville

1. A Super Cool T-Shirt

2. Your Own Personal Wine Consultant – Aka Josh, and you can call him any time during business hours to ask questions about wining and dining.

3. You Save Money On Wine – Once a month, you get your choice of 6 bottles at a 15% discount or 12 or more bottles at a 20% discount. With the purchase of just one case of wine, you can get your membership fee back

4. You Save Money On Event/Tasting Fees – Grape Nuts come to all Friday Winedowns for free and receive a 20% discount off of our wine dinners.

5. Invitations To Members-Only Tastings – At least once a quarter, we invite Grape Nuts (and Grape Nuts only) to the store for to sample some of the finest wines available in the market. We’re talking about highly rated, low production wines that aren’t easy to find. Want to come? You have to be a Grape Nut!

With all of these incentives, you really can’t lose. Continue to support the occupation of Table by becoming a Grape Nut and spending more time with us!