Sierra Norte Ananto Boxed Wines

Organic Boxed Wines From Bodega Sierra Norte

The certified organic boxed wines from Bodega Sierra Norte will change your opinion of boxed wines forever. Let’s start with economics here — $19.99 for 3 liters of certified organic and vegan white, red, and or dry rose. That works out to 5 bucks per bottle!

And trust me, these are so much cleaner and less processed than anything you’re picking up at the grocery store. If you’ve been to Europe and enjoyed the local table wines offered up, the ones that don’t give you a headache and that you can drink a lot of, do yourself a favor and try any/all of these.

Sierra Norte Boxed Wines

Bodega Sierra Norte ‘Ananto’ 3 Liter Bag in Box

Available in White, Dry Rose and Red — Read more below for descriptions on each!

“Pure, easy-drinking, organic wines for just $5/bottle!” – Team Table Wine

Sale Price: $19.99/box | That works out to $5/bottle!

Yes, I am excited about boxed wines! Here me out here folks. First and foremost, I wouldn’t be touting these unless I really liked them. And I like the white, the red and the rose equally well. From a family-run estate established in 1914 in Valencia, all 322 hectares they farm are certified organic. Great quality + bigger quantity + great price = WINNING!

And like I said earlier, there’s a white, a dry rose and a red, all fermented entirely in stainless steel. The white is composed of Macabeo (aka Viura), one of Spain’s most prolific grapes. Offering up Sauvignon Blanc like notes of melon, citrus and herb notes, it’s fresh and zesty. Up next, the dry rose is made up of Bobal, one of the grapes native to Valencia. Coming from 35+ year old vines, this one is completely dry and tastes of cherry, raspberry, and cranberry. And last but not least, the red is a combination of 65% Bobal and 35% Tempranillo. Round, juicy, and a bit spicy, this one shows ripe notes of cherry, raspberry, black cherry and white pepper.

And these delightful wines stay good for 6-8 weeks once they’re opened. Yep, the bag-in-box technology allows you to enjoy fresh, “un-soured” wine way longer than wine in a bottle. And for those that think boxed wine is unsophisticated, get over yourself. Good juice is good juice no matter what kind of container it comes in. And this is some good juice!

Let me recap — $5/bottle for pure, certified organic, easy drinking Spanish wines. Who can’t use that right now?

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Josh Spurling
Owner/Operator at Table Wine
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