2015 Thevenet Saint Veran Clos de L'Ermitage - Table Wine - Asheville, North Carolina

Top White Burgundy Value of 2018

SOLD OUT! The 2015 Thevenet et Fils Saint Veran “Clos de l’Ermitage” is the best White Burgundy value I’ve tasted in 2018! And with this spring-like weather we’re having, it’s the perfect time for world-class White Burgundy.

The Thevenet family produce just 1,000 cases of their “prestige cuvee” each year, and in the warm, sunny, and dry 2015 vintage, it’s truly something special. Supply is limited — get your hands on this one before it’s gone!

2015 Thevenet Saint Veran

2015 Domaine Thevenet et Fils Saint Veran “Clos de l’Ermitage Vieilles Vignes” 

93 points Josh Spurling


This is really special and rare stuff folks! From a 70+ year-old, single parcel of Chardonnay owned entirely by the Thevenet family, this highly concentrated wine is fermented and aged entirely in stainless steel. And in a vintage like the hot and dry one experienced 2015, you won’t miss the oak. Trust me! This is the top White Burgundy value I’ve tasted in a long time, and I managed to scored 10 of the 20 cases that made their way to North Carolina this year.

Did I mention that the Thevenet family only makes 12,000 BOTTLES of this wine each year? Let me clarify. That’s 1,000 cases for the entire world, and this is a wine you will find served at Michelin-starred restaurants throughout France. Needless to say, not much makes it to the United States.

Poor old Saint Veran rarely gets the recognition of neighboring Pouilly Fuisse, but the wines can often be better and much better values. And in the hands of the highly respected Thevenet family, that is certainly the case. Add to that equation the quality of the 2015 vintage. It was hot, it was dry, and it was sunny, and the whites are richer, fuller, and more opulent than usual. Thus, I’m confident that this will appeal to the most devoted Burg-hound as much as it does to the New World Chardonnay drinker.

DO NOT SERVE THIS ONE TOO COLD! Please don’t do it — you’ll mute the finely detailed aromas and flavors. Serve it just below room temperature, and you’ll be greeted with overt aromas of buttered pear, spiced apple, lemon oil, fennel, hazelnut, and mineral. In the mouth, this is certainly full-bodied Chardonnay, but it stays fresh, never becoming cloying, fat, or clumsy. As I said before — the 2015 Thevenet et Fils Saint Veran is world-class stuff!

All in all, it’s a dazzling white wine to enjoy with or without food all year long. Try it with scallops, lobster, or crab if you’re feeling grand or enjoy with a simple rotisserie chicken and salad if you’re not feeling like cooking. Cheers and happy drinking and eating in Asheville.

Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
Table Wine Asheville


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