Sancerre-Like Flavors at Less than $20: Domaine Ricard 'Le Petiot' Sauvignon Blanc

Sancerre-Like Flavors at Less than $20: Domaine Ricard 'Le Petiot' Sauvignon Blanc

Vincent Ricard produces an exquisite example of Touraine Sauvignon Blanc that would give many Sancerres a serious run for their money. Possessing classic Loire Valley character and style, this is a stupid-good value from one of the top estates in the region.

Quantity is very low in the frost-plagued 2021 vintage, but luckily, quality is very high. Once you get this in your glass, that will become abundantly obvious. This is a prime example of why France's Loire Valley is considered the spiritual birthplace of Sauvignon Blanc. It is so expressive, so evocative, and the price, you can't beat it! 

Domaine Ricard Le Petiot Sauvignon Blanc

2021 Domaine Ricard Touraine Blanc 'Le Petiot'

Beautiful Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc at an incredible price!  

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Since joining his family's estate in 1998, Vincent has helped propel his family's estate to one of the best in the appellation. For years, the Ricard family were simply grape growers, opting to sell their harvest to the local cooperative. In 1999, Vincent and his father Alain, bought themselves out of their cooperative contract, and Domaine Ricard was born.

Vincent led the charge towards organic certification, which the estate received in 2008, and having trained with some of the best vignerons in the Loire, his approach to farming and winemaking are both meticulous. His Sauvignon Blanc vineyards are south-facing and located on the upper terraces of the Cher River where the soils are a mixture of limestone, clay, and flint, not unlike those found in Sancerre and Pouilly Fume. Vincent works with low yields, ferments with native yeasts, and ages around 20% of his wine in older barrels for a little extra texture.

All of this attention to detail is on full display in this wine. It opens with bright and engaging aromas of ripe citrus, green apple, wet rock, and herbal notes of mint and lemon verbena. The palate is nicely concentrated, finely textured, and that additional aging in oak gives the wine an added textural dimension and harmony. All in all, this is about as good as Touraine Sauvignon Blanc gets.

Sancerre prices aren't going down anytime soon, and it won't be long before wines like this will join that pattern. With Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc more popular than ever, it's just a matter of time before other wine lovers worldwide "notice" this wine. You know what to do next!

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