Sancerre Doppelganger: Domaine Adele Rouze Quincy

Sancerre Doppelganger: Domaine Adele Rouze Quincy

Adele Rouze makes brilliant Sauvignon Blanc in the small hamlet of Quincy, just west of Sancerre. It is one of the great, under-recognized Sauvignon Blanc zones of the Loire Valley. Trust me, if you like Sancerre, do yourself a favor and try this wine. You won't regret it!

Rouze's Quincy comes from just 4.6 hectares, some planted between 1920 and 1930, with the others planted in the 1950’s. These old, low-yielding vines yield a potent and intense Sauvignon Blanc that easily competes with the top wines of Sancerre and Pouilly-Fume. We haven't had this wine in some time, and I suspect this will move out of the store very fast. Just 14 cases up for grabs!

Adele Rouze Quincy

2021 Domaine Adèle Rouze Quincy 

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Quincy was one of France's first recognized appellations in 1936, second only to Chateauneuf-du-Pape. As recently as fifty years ago, the wines of Quincy were more recognized in France for their quality than Sancerre or Pouilly-Fume, and they commanded a higher price. Unfortunately, the region's popularity caused it to be overrun by larger, volume-minded producers, and the quality of the wines sunk. Today, only a few devoted vignerons produce the type of wine that made Quincy famous. Adele Rouze is the best of them.

The terroir here is truly unique, unlike any other Sauvignon Blanc "dirt" in the world, and these soils yield a very particular wine. Located southwest of Sancerre, on the banks of the Cher River (a tributary of the Loire), the soils here are a mix of sand and flint, with an undercurrent of pink limestone. These well-drained, mineral-rich soils, combined with Adele’s ancient vines, combine to create a concentrated and mineralic expression of Sauvignon Blanc. Think Pouilly Fume meets Sancerre....sort of. This stuff has got a personality that is singular and unique, and I love it!

In the high quality but low quantity 2021 Loire vintage, Adele Rouze only made about 2,000 cases of this wine for the entire world! I happily took my 14 case allocation. When you taste this ‘Sancerre Lookalike,’ you’ll know why I took the maximum amount my distributor would allow. It pours a lovely light gold color with green highlights and opens with aromas of ripe citrus, melon, green herbs, and wet rock. On the palate, it’s laser-focused and pure with gorgeous notes of lemon, lime zest, tangerine, mint, and lingering minerality.

Sounds a bit like Sancerre right? The only difference is the price, which I can't believe has held steady despite the lower volume produced in the frost-plagued 2021 vintage. Enjoy this stunning Sauvignon Blanc with fish and seafood courses or keep it simple and serve with creamy goat cheese and baguette.

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Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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