Domaine Daulny Sancerre 2018

Great Deal on Domaine Daulny Sancerre

Domaine Daulny Sancerre has been a staff and customer favorite at Table Wine for years now. And the 2018 vintage is one of the best versions of this wine I’ve ever tasted.

Even the oldest winegrowers can scarcely remember a better Loire Valley harvest than 2018. And brothers Etienne and Bertrand Daulny are reporting a vintage marked by very high quality as well as good yields. Put simply, 2018 will be remembered as a historic vintage marked by highly aromatic and flavor-packed Sauvignon Blancs.

Domaine Daulny Sancerre

2018 Domaine Daulny Sancerre

“The essence of Sauvignon Blanc, the essence of Sancerre.” – Josh Spurling

This vintage is sold out. To order the new vintage, stop by the store or click here to order in our online store.

Etienne Daulny quietly and humbly makes some of my favorite Sancerres in the world. He farms 15 hectares of diverse plots from varying types of soil, including clay and flint and Portlandian and Kimmeridgian. I know it’s not fun to talk about “dirt,” but trust me when I say that these are the top soils of Sancerre. And what makes this wine so special is that Etienne includes grapes from some of the appellation’s most revered vineyards including old vine plantings at Les Monts Damnés, Les Bois Butteux, and La Perriere.

As Sancerre has grown in popularity in the US and the world, prices have risen while quality has fallen. Many producers are just “calling it in,” bottling insipid, uninspiring Sauvignon Blanc that can still carry the Sancerre designation. But I’ve enjoyed Daulny’s Sancerres for 20 years and I can promise you this estate is making better wines than ever. But being the humble farmer and vigneron that he is, Etienne’s prices have remained stable, even with the imposition of tariffs.

After tasting the 2018 vintage of this wine, I bought all 168 bottles my distributor would allow. This is what Sancerre is supposed to taste like! Made from 50+ year old Sauvignon Blanc vines, fermented in stainless steel and aged on its fine lees, this captures the essence of the grape and the place. Ripe citrus and pear are front and center with fennel, grapefruit zest and saline mineral notes in the background. On the palate, the wine is concentrated and flavorful, yet fine and elegant.

With spring here and summer not far behind, drink this gorgeous Sancerre with or without food. One of my favorite pairings is a big salad with fresh veggies and one key ingredient — goat cheese. Some of the finest goat cheeses in the world are made in the Loire Valley and what grows together goes together. Give it a try and report back.

This vintage is sold out. To order the new vintage, stop by the store or click here to order in our online store.

Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
Table Wine Asheville


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