2021 Barnard Griffin Sangiovese Rose

Best in Class Again: 2021 Barnard Griffin Sangiovese Rose

The Barnard Griffin Sangiovese Rose is one of America’s most awarded dry roses, and the new vintage might be their best to date.

Their 2021 Sangiovese Rose took home top honors at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, one of the most respected wine competitions in the world. Yep, this one took home a "Best in Class" award earlier this year, making it one of the best dry roses produced in the US.

2019 Barnard Griffin Sangiovese Rose 

Best in Class at the 2022 SF Chronicle's Wine Competition! 

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We’ve had several requests to keep the dry rose features coming your way, and we listened! High quality dry rose in being produced in every country these days, but this is always one of America's top-rated. Husband and wife Rob and Deborah Griffin have been making this lovely wine for 20 years now, and every year, it takes home top honors at the SF Chronicle Wine Competition.

Let’s get one thing straight here, this is not White Zinfandel. No disrespect to White Zin, the sweet pink wine made popular by the likes of Sutter Home and Beringer, but most rose drinkers these days prefer a much drier-styled wine. That’s exactly what you get here. With some of the red berry character of a red wine but more of the zesty and crisp nuance of a white wine, this is what you want to be drinking this summer.

Every year, people ask me how this year’s release is and I answer the same every year — a little different than last year’s but just as delicious. I’ll say the same about the 2021 vintage — it’s delightful and dangerously drinkable. Flowing with notes of freshly picked strawberry, watermelon, melon rind, pomegranate and citrus zest, it finishes dry, tangy and vibrant. Perfect for just about any occasion that involves sunshine and warm weather, you’ll go crazy for this ideal spring/summer wine.

Enjoy with grilled chicken, salads, or a simple goat cheese and baguette spread. But save a bottle for when the local tomatoes start rolling in — enjoy this one with a Caprese salad and thank me later.

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Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
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