2020 La Chapelle du Bastion Picpoul de Pinet

2020 La Chapelle du Bastion Picpoul de Pinet

The 2020 La Chapelle du Bastion Picpoul de Pinet has become a runaway staff and customer favorite. The ancient Picpoul grape usually produces clean and crisp whites perfect for washing down oysters and mussels. And this one is perfect for that, but it’s got a little extra concentration and richness, making it a perfect, all seasons white wine.

I’ve been drinking Picpoul for 20 years now. Often called the “Muscadet of Southern France,” it’s a versatile and refreshing white for all seasons. And at less than $12 per bottle, this is going to make a lot of white wine lovers happy.

La Chapelle du Bastien Picpoul de Pinet

2020 La Chapelle Du Bastion Picpoul de Pinet

“Beautifully balanced with wonderful interplay between citrus/peach and herbal/mineral notes.” 92 points – Josh Spurling

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Ever wonder what your wine monger drinks at home? Sure, I drink my fair share of reds, but I actually drink more white wine. And this is a new favorite! From the village of Pinet, within a stone’s throw of the Mediterranean, this is usually a wine would be touting for the hot days of summer. And I still do, but this is Picpoul with a deeper, more golden color and more body and texture than most of the other Picpouls I’ve tried.

It’s got a ton of flavor too, and those flavors run the spectrum from green apple and lemony citrus to yellow peach and melon. And like Muscadet, there’s also a wonderful streak of saline minerality that kisses the fruit effortlessly. Overall, it’s clean, dry, fresh, and un-oaked, but the sunny climate of the region gives the wine plenty of ripeness.

Stock up on this one for happy cocktail sipping or do the wine serious justice and enjoy with your favorite fish or seafood dishes. It’s a wonderful all-purpose white that will hit the spot for even the most discerning wine lover.

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Josh Spurling
Owner, Operator, Wine Monger
Table Wine Asheville