Wine Delivery

Wine Delivery by Hammer Down Expediting

Team Table Wine is excited to announce that there’s a new local, independent delivery service in town…and they deliver wine!

Folks have asked us if we would ever consider delivering wine orders to customers. Sadly, we are not able to take on all the licensures, logistics, insurance, and traffic involved and still be able to provide you with the best customer service. That’s where Hammer Down Expediting (HDXPD) is at your service!

Hammer Down Expediting (HDXPD) is a separate, independent delivery service that allows you to schedule delivery of your wine as well as other items too. Whether you’re in a rush, can’t find the time, or just don’t feel like fighting Hendersonville Road traffic, you can use HXPD to make your life easier.

Check out their website HERE or call/text them at 828-270-7601 to get pricing on their wine delivery services. You can also email them at

How it works:

1. Place your order for amazing wines!

2. Settle up payment with Table Wine and let us know you’ll be using Hammer Down Expediting. You can include this on a note in your online order or email us!

3. Schedule your delivery with Hammer Down Expediting. To make things easier, forward Hammer Down your electronic receipt from Table Wine.

4. Receive and enjoy your wines.

Once it leaves our shop, you’ll communicate with the HDXPD driver on time, status of delivery, and any questions. As a separate company, HDXPD can be where we can’t and meet all your delivery needs in a timely fashion.