A Wonderful White Wine For Warm Weather

2009 Monte Velho Blanco (Alentejo, Portugal) – The most dangerous white wine on the planet!

Spring is officially here, and summer is not far behind.  I know there are some out there who drink red wine all the time, but for those like me whose taste in wine changes with the season, I’ve got the perfect warm weather white wine for you.  Yes, you can always do Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio or un-oaked Chardonnay, but that’s been done a million times folks.  It’s time to tap into your adventurous side and taste something different.  I believe I’ve found you the perfect white wine for sipping, or slamming if you prefer, for the rest of the spring and throughout the summer.

The wine hails from Alentejo in southern Portugal, the area where Portugal’s climate escapes the Atlantic influence.  That means it’s hot and dry and the wines produced here are not shy.  In fact, whether red or white, the wines tend to be full and ripe with a taste of the sun about them.  The estate is a rather large one, as most of them are in the region, and it goes by the name of Esporao.  Since the first wine was released under this label, in 1989, Esporão has been a great ambassador for the wines of Alentejo, with a high profile on export markets.

Table Wine tries to focus on small family estates, but every once in awhile we come across a wine that just “plain tastes great”, and we’ve always said that we reserve the right to carry any damn wine we want to.  Well, this one of those wines that tastes just plain great.  It is a blend of native Portugues grape varieties, including Roupeiro, Antao Vaz and Perrum……..please don’t quiz me on these!  Right out of the shoot, it smells of ripe and juicy summer peach and other orchard fruits.  I almost thought the wine was going to be sweet, but when it hit my palate, I knew this wasn’t the case.  Though fresh, aromatic and fruity, the wine is dry and mouthwatering with cleansing acidity on the finish.  We are currently the only wine store in Asheville to offer it, and at $11.99/bottle, I’d buy this one by the case and get yourself a 15% discount.  Happy Spring and Summer and ch-ching from me to you.