2018 Borgo Paglianetto Terravignata Verdicchio di Matelica

The 2018 Borgo Paglianetto Terravignata Verdicchio is a textbook and classic rendition of one of Italy’s top white grapes. From a certified organic, small family-run winery, this tank fermented white showcases the grapes refreshing acidity, lively citrus fruit, and salty minerality.

With origins dating back to Roman times, it seems odd that Verdicchio has only recently gained a following. When done right, it’s a grape that can produce fresh yet full and long-lived white wines. I don’t know that this one is going to make “old bones,” but I do know there’s a lot going on here. And I plan to drink this one liberally all summer with fresh fish and seafood. You should too!

2018 Borgo Paglianetto Terravignata Verdicchio di Matelica | 7 cases up for grabs 


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Borgo Paglianetto was born in 2008, and the winery is committed to making their wines in a healthy and sustainable manner. I always appreciate wineries that choose the more laborious path of organic farming. And I like it even more when they make that decision for the right reasons — to preserve the health of their soil and to eventually pass the reigns to the next generation.

Oh yeah, beyond being organic and very cleanly made, this stuff is absolutely delicious. Fermented entirely in stainless steel, this wine has personality, both on the nose and the palate. The first aroma I get is of intense herb and mineral, followed by notes of melon, green apple, mixed citrus, and green almond. The palate is light and fresh, but far from lacking flavor. Like the bouquet, the flavors are of fresh and zippy fruits, chalky minerality, pungent herbs, and the slightest hint of almond skin on the finish.

Have you ever had Muscadet, the bone-dry, crisp, and mineralic white from France’s Loire Valley? If you like that or if you like other clean, no-oak whites wines like Sauvignon Blanc, give this one a try. A perfect candidate for summer sipping, with it’s clean and crisp personality, it’s also incredibly versatile at the dinner table. Try it with lemon cod or light, poultry-based dishes. And don’t be shy about fresh summer veggies as the crisp acidity and green herbal nuances of this one work great with the summer harvest.

With just 7 cases up for grabs and plenty of hot days left this summer, this one will go fast. Try something new. Try Verdicchio!

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Josh Spurling
Owner/Operator at Table Wine
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