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Wine on Wednesdays – Italy’s Piemonte: Beyond Nebbiolo

Join us this Wednesday, October 23rd for “Wine on Wednesdays” at Table Wine, a fun and educational wine tasting that is free to the public.  Piemonte, literally meaning ‘foot of the mountain’, is located in the northwestern corner of Italy with the Alps to the north and west and the Apennines to the south.  It is a picturesque, hilly, and historic production zone that produces quality wines from a number of different grapes, white and red.  Its world class reds, most notably the Nebbiolo-based Barolo and Barbaresco, naturally come to mind and are some of the finest, most age worthy, and expensive wines produced in the entire country.  But it doesn’t stop there, as the region is home to a number of other high quality grape varieties that produce wines that are both delicious and affordable upon release.  We’ll delve into some of these lesser know wines for this tasting, and we’re pretty sure you’re going to like what you taste.

The Wines
All tasting wines will be 10% off by the bottle or 15% off if you mix any six of the.

1. 2012 Stefano Massone Gavi “Masera”
Gavi is one of the Piemonte’s most famous white wines, and all Gavi must be made with 100% Cortese.  Stefano Massone packs a lot of wine into this bottle for not a ton of money, and for fans of Oregon Pinot Gris or other semi-rich, medium to full bodied white wines, this could be the ticket.  The nose is all pear, apple, lime and exotic citrus, inviting to say the least, and the palate is nice, dry and fresh with flavors that mimic the nose.  This makes my mouth water for fresh shrimp or flaky white fish cooked very simply with fresh herbs and lemon!

2. 2012 Piedmont Wine Project Asinel Bianco
This wine gives you the opportunity to taste three of the Piemonte’s most important white grape varieties all “under one cork”.  A blend of stainless steel fermented Cortese, Arneis, and Moscato Secco, this beautifully aromatic white wine explodes out of the glass with floral infused peach, apricot and melon.  The palate is a great continuation of the wine’s nose — dry, round, and smooth, it offers up flavors of ripe peach, honeydew melon and orange blossom.  This would be a knockout wine to serve with anything spicy!

3. 2012 Piedmont Wine Project Gambai Rosso
Alberto Cordero di Montezemolo is the man behind the Piedmont Wine Project.  He still helps at his family’s famous Barolo estate, but this is his “pet project” and we’re glad he decided to follow this path.  The red wine is a great compliment to the white blending Barbera with Ruché and Pelaverga to create a fresh and medium bodied red wine bursting with ripe red fruits, floral notes, roasted herb and a touch of anise.  It is a very versatile wine at the dinner table, but it offers plenty of “drink alone” charm as well.

4. 2011 La Casaccia Freisa Monfiorenza
Giovanni Rava and his wife and son Marcello tend the vines at this small family estate in Cella Monte, just south of the Po River.  In 2000 the Ravas decided to leave their careers as organic agricultural extension agents and began tending vines that had previously been tended by aunts and nephews.  They work hard to make their wines, using organic methods in the vineyard and harvesting all of their grapes by hand in small baskets.  You can taste their toil in this wine that is composed entirely of Freisa, a Piemonte specialty that shares some of the high acid, tannin, and structural qualities of Nebbiolo.  Floral, spicy and marked by wild strawberry and cherry fruit, this is screaming for a platter of salami and cheese!

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