Table Wine Asheville - Ultimate Summer Six Pack

The Ultimate Summer Six Pack

Ultimate Summer Six Pack!

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Through the end of August, it’s just $65 net!

For most of us, with the exception of your hard working wine mongers, July and August are the months you choose to get away to the beach with your friends and family.  Unfortunately, many of the choice destinations don’t have the best selection of wine shops to choose from, and we can’t have you drinking bad wine!  Thus, we’ve come up with the “Ultimate Summer Six Pack”, packed with two whites, two dry rosés and two reds to keep you satiated while you’re lounging on the beach or eating fresh seafood.  Not going on vacation?  No worries, you can take part in the fun as well!  Call us at 828.505.8588 or email us at and we’ll have it ready for you when you stop by.  Here’s what you get:

Table Wine Asheville - Summer Wine Tasting

Six wines perfect for sipping at the beach.

1. 2011 Reine Juliette Picpoul de Pinet (Languedoc, France)
This is the wine version of a gin and tonic!  Dry, zesty and packed with green apple, lime, herb and mineral notes, serve this one ice cold with oysters or put it in a red Solo cup and sip it on the beach.

2. 2011 Orsolani Erbaluce di Caluso (Piemonte, Italy)
Here’s a full liter (an extra 1/4 bottle) of white wine that was made by God for seaside drinking.  From the far northern sector of Italy, Erbaluce is the grape and it makes an absolutely refreshing, invigorating white wine that tastes of summer.  White peach, citrus and mineral notes galore make this one perfect for warm weather sipping.

3. 2011 Pietralta Bianco Toscano (Tuscany, Italy)
This is an utterly enchanting Italian white wine based on a blend of Trebbiano and Malvasia.  It comes from the small organic farm owned and operated by Pierfranca Lattuada, and it resonates with sunny days, back porches and good friends.  Dry, fresh and fragrant, I challenge you to not finish the bottle once it’s opened.

4. 2012 Vecchia Torre Leverano Rosato (Puglia, Italy)
The Leverano Rosato is one of our best selling dry pink wines of all time.  Tasting of ripe strawberry and raspberry, with a creamy texture, it is one of those wines that you don’t want to just have one of.

5. 2011 Vignerons de Buxy Coteaux Bourguignons Pinot Noir/Gamay (Burgundy, France)
Please do not read too much into the long winded title of this wine, as it is just pure pleasure to drink.  Made from equal parts Gamay (the grape responsible for Beaujolais) and Pinot Noir, it is light, fresh and packed with red fruits.  Throw it in the fridge for about 20 minutes, remove, open and drink with reckless abandon.  Our pick for the top summer red wine in the store!

6. 2010 Macedon Pinot Noir (Tikves, Macedonia)
Yes, you read it right………..Macedonian Pinot Noir and it is astoundingly good!  From an older vineyard and crafted by a couple of Frenchman, it is earthy, spicy, fresh and alive with red fruits.  Try it with roast/grilled chicken, salmon or pork.  If you don’t like it, bring it back and we’ll let you trade it out with something else.

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