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Kermit Lynch Value Wines – Free On Fridays Wine Tasting

Friday, October 13th from 4-7pm – Join us as we pour some top values from the legendary Kermit Lynch import portfolio  All European wines, all under $15/bottle, all made with lots of TLC!

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again.  Thank the wine gods for Kermit Lynch!  This man has quite possibly turned more American wine palates on to small grower/producer European wines than any other.  His import portfolio is vast, and includes some of the greatest names in French and Italian wine, but we’re going to focus on some of his more humble wines and producers for this tasting.  Stop by to sample wines like Italian Verdicchio along with some tasty red blends from both France and Italy.  It’s gonna’ be fun, it’s gonna’ be delicious, and we’ll have the wines at the best prices in the country.  Stop by, taste, learn, and save every Friday at Table Wine.

All of the featured tasting wines are being offered at 20% off by the bottle!  All sales must be tendered by the end of business on Friday unless other arrangements are made.  Email us at with questions. 

1. 2016 Aziena Santa Barbara Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi (Marche, Italy) – On Italy’s less traveled Adriatic coast, in between Emilia-Romagna and Abruzzo, the Marche is the home of the Verdicchio grape. This one is vibrantly fresh and crisp and makes a wonderful accompaniment to seafood.
Special Tasting Price: $10.39/bottle

2. 2015 Kermit Lynch Languedoc (Languedoc, France) – Over forty years of doing business in France and Italy have given Kermit Lynch a level of expertise that few in the wine industry can boast.  Every year, Kermit enjoys a creative collaboration with some growers to find the best of their selections. Together, they work towards creating a final blend that showcases the region in all its glory at a price point that is difficult to match.  This classic Languedoc blend of Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, and Cinsault is one of his finest!
Special Tasting Price: $11.19/bottle

3. 2015 Cantine Elvio Tintero Vino Rosso (Piemonte, Italy) – Talk about an awesome pizza/pasta, Italian red table wine!  A stainless steel fermented blend of Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, and Cabernet Sauvignon, this one is fresh with red fruits and spice, yet nicely rounded and juicy.  Outstanding bottle at a great price!
Special Tasting Price: $10.39/bottle

Josh Spurling
Owner/Operator at Table Wine

Sartarelli Verdicchio

Wine Of The Week – Sartarelli Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi

“Sartarelli is one of the premier, reference-point producers of fine Verdicchio. Readers should do whatever they can to taste these fabulous whites from the Marche.”  Wine Advocate, 6/30/2010

After sampling this wine out on Saturday and selling it to almost everyone who tasted it, I would have to agree with the above statement!  The wine hails from Italy’s Le Marche region, a zone east of Tuscany along the Adriatic Coast.  It is believed by most that Verdicchio originated in this region and has thrived here since the 14th century.  This region gets especially hot during the summer, and an ice cold glass of clean, fresh and zippy Verdicchio is the perfect way to beat the heat.

Sartarelli Vineyards

Sartarelli's Verdicchio Vineyards

Donatella and Patrizio Sartarelli craft some of the finest Verdicchio in the area.  They farm their vineyards sustainably, meaning they only use pesticides if absolutely necessary.  This pragmatic approach to farming is very common among smaller, family owned and operated wineries throughout Europe.  These folks farm and nurture their own vineyards, and often craft relatively small amounts of wine to sell.  In most vintages, the Sartarellis use 100% organic practices in their vineyards, but they reserve the right to do what they need to do to make sure they can produce their wines each and every year.  Make no mistake about it, they depend on the sale of their wine to make a living and thus reserve the right to do what they feel necessary to get their wine to market.  I can appreciate that.  Back to Verdicchio though, and this one in particular.

Sartarelli’s Verdicchio is served ice cold in restaurants and wine bars along the Adriatic Coast to cool off and/or to wash down fresh fish simply prepared and spritzed with lemon.  The wine is unoaked, super fresh and packed with white peach, lemon and green apple fruit notes along with complex mineral nuances.  It is the perfect wine for a sunny, Asheville spring day – try it ice cold on your back or front porch or try it with a simple, olive oil pan seared piece of flaky white fish spritzed with lemon and sprinkled with fresh herbs.  Yum!


$11.89/bottle in a mixed case