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Table Wine – Family Estate Wines in South Asheville

“Real Wine” in South Asheville

Table Wine was recently opened by wine industry veteran Josh Spurling, who got his start in the wine business in 1998.  The store is located just 5 minutes south of the Biltmore Estate at 1550 Hendersonville Road in the AAA Travel Center.  Our hours are 11-7 Monday through Friday and 11-6 on Saturdays, and we offer free tastings every Friday and Saturday from 2-5:30.

Table Wine owner Josh Spurling prepares for one of the store's free tastings.

The tagline at Table Wine is “Artisanal Wines at Affordable Prices”, and we believe that the best wines come from small, artisan, family estates and producers.  Just like the tomatoes you buy from a small family farmer at a farmer’s market in Asheville taste better than the ones you buy at the grocery store, we believe that the same premise applies to wine.  You may disagree, but we invite you to stop by and take “The Pepsi Challenge”.

We currently stock about 400 different wines, with over 100 selections at $15 or less per bottle.  In addition, we offer aggressive volume discounts of 10% off on 6 bottles, 15% off on 12, and 20% off on 60. We love stocking and selling wines from producers who pursue the following techniques:

Biodynamic, Organic, Low-Impact Farming
Hand Harvesting and Sorting of Grapes
Use of Native Yeasts for Fermentation
Avoidance of Chemical/Mechanical Manipulations
Production of Wines That Express Regional Authenticity

Whether you live in Asheville or are just visiting, this is the wine shop for those who want to know a little more about the wine they’re drinking and who prefer hand-crafted, traditionally made wines that taste delicious over mass produced, manipulated wines that lack soul or character.  We’ve got wines for every type of palate and budget, and we’re here to help you make an educated choice. Our overall goal is on the long-term development of a market for real and authentic wine in the US……we’ll start with Asheville!  We hope you come check us out.

We're fully stocked and ready to turn you on to real, authentic wines at affordable prices!

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