2016 Poderi dal Nespoli Pagadebit - Table Wine - Asheville - North Carolina

Poderi dal Nespoli Pagadebit – Perfect Spring White Wine

The Poderi dal Nespoli Pagadebit is the perfect spring white wine. I also think it’s the best under-$10 white wine in the store! Fragrant, crisp, fresh, and delicious, the Pagadebit is a wonderful discovery for white wine lovers.

Poderi dal Nespoli Pagadebit - Table Wine - Asheville - North Carolina

2016 Poderi dal Nespoli Pagadebit 

The perfect spring white wine! It’s like a really good Pinot Grigio crossed with Sauvignon Blanc!!

So what is it Josh? It’s 85% Bombino Bianco and 15% Sauvignon Blanc, but of course! The wine is made in the Romagna hills, and the name Pagadebit means “paying the bills.” This refers to the productivity and disease resistance of Bombino Bianco, two traits that made it possible for farmers to pay their bills even in the worst vintages in days past. The grape nearly went extinct in the 1960’s, but a few producers kept it going. I’m glad they did, and today, Pagadebit is one of the most important and acclaimed white wines of Emilia-Romagna, attaining its DOC status in 1988.

When Mike Tiano tasted me on this one, I expected a very simple white wine, reminiscent of cheap Pinot Grigio or Trebbiano. Wrong Josh, very wrong!  It did remind me a bit of Pinot Grigio, with its white peach, apple, and floral notes. It was also kind of reminiscent of Sauvignon Blanc, with savory herb and zesty citrus aromas and flavors. Yep, I’ll go with that — Pagadebit tastes like really good Pinot Grigio crossed with lively Sauvignon Blanc. A perfect spring white if ever there were one, this is going to be a serious people and palate pleaser.

Don’t be intimidated by the grape and don’t be scared off by your unfamiliarity with the wine. The Poderi dal Nespoli Pagadebit is the ideal white wine to drink in Asheville on warm, sunny, spring and summer days. Still not convinced?  Stop by Saturday, April 21st any time between 2 and 5 pm and we’ll let you try it. Otherwise, stop by the store and pick some up, or call us at 828.505.8588 and we can run your card over the phone. Happy spring drinking and eating in Asheville!

Josh Spurling
Owner/Operator at Table Wine

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