Perucchi Vermouth

I don’t claim to be a “Vermouth sophisticate”, but as Forrest Gump knows what love is, I know what good wine is!  It is claimed by the Perucchi clan that this is Spain’s first Vermouth, and it is produced in Spanish Catalan – Barcelona to be more exact.  As my good friend The Wine Mule says, “it is made from best-quality white wine with more than 50 different botanicals that have been macerated, ground, infused, pressed, and filtered, then aged in century-old oak foudres. ”  However it’s made, it is an absolutely delicious and interesting wine unlike any I have ever tried.

The nose is aromatically complex with notes of baking spices, lemon, spring flowers, ginger and a very prominent note of mint (Wine Mule – I’m not copying………..I just agree).  I’m sure it could be used to make all variety of cocktails, but I kind of like drinking it on the rocks with a wedge of lime.  We sell it for $19.99 and it comes in a tequila-looking, liter sized bottle.  Come getcha’ some!

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