Become a Grape Nut!

Joining the Grape Nuts Wine Club officially makes you a Table Wine VIP! The perks are many and the fee is small.

How can you lose? The 12 month membership fee is just $25 per person, and with your membership come the below perks and incentives.

Upon joining, you retain the services of your own Personal Wine Consultants, aka Josh and the rest of Team Table Wine. Making a special meal and need to know which wine to serve? Call us. In another city and at a wine shop where you don’t know what to buy? Call us at 828.505.8588. Use us folks!

Save major money on your wine purchases. We already offer some of the most aggressive discounts in the region, with 10% off of any mixed 6-11 bottles, 15% off of any 12-59 bottles, and 20% off of any 60+ bottles. As a Grape Nut, you save 15% every time you buy 6-11 bottles or 20% every time you buy 12 or more bottles.

Free entry into our Super Saturday Wine Tastings. These tastings take place the last Saturday of every month (except November and December) and the lineup of wines is bigger, more elaborate, and more specialized than our regular free tastings. Grape Nuts come for free while non-members will be charged $5 to $10 for entry. Come to just 5 Super Saturday Tastings and you will already recoup your membership fee.

You save 20% off of all of the special after hours, seated events, tastings and wine classes we hold in the store. With our movable wine racks, we can easily convert the store into a restaurant style setting enabling us to to do wine and food pairing classes and dinners. These events are fun, delicious and they fill up quickly!

You Seriously Can’t Lose Here Folks. You will make friends, you will save money, and you will learn about wine in a fun and unpretentious setting.