Table Wine Asheville Loyalty Program - Grape Nuts

Grape Nuts Wine Club

Nutty About Grapes?  Become a Grape Nut!


Becoming a Grape Nut officially makes you a Table Wine VIP!  The perks are many and the fee is small.  How can you lose?  With your membership come the following perks and incentives:

Upon joining, you retain the services of your own Personal Wine Consultant, aka Josh!  Making a special meal and need to know which wine to serve? Call Josh. In another city and at a wine shop where you don’t know what to buy?  Call Josh.  Use me folks!

A 12 month membership runs you just $25 and gets you lots of special perks.  We host many events and tastings at the store, and as a Grape Nut, you’re always going to pay less.  For example, we hold “545” tastings (try 5 for $5) almost every Friday at the store and as a Grape Nut, these are always free to you!  Come to just 5 of the 50 or so we hold in a year and you’ve all ready broken event.

You save money on wine!  Once a month, Grape Nuts get a heightened discount on wine of either 10% off on 1-5 bottles, 15% off on 6-11, or 20% off on 12 or more.  Keep in mind that you only get to use this heightened discount once a month so pick which discount tier you want to use wisely.

We are a fun and festive group of wine lovers and we’d love you to join us!  Just stop by the store and we’ll get you signed up.


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