Fresh, Local, Organic Veggies

Our little farmer’s market is back on Saturdays at Table Wine, as my good friend Tom Kousky has harvested his first vegetables of the season.  I have been eating them, juicing them and thoroughly enjoying them for about two weeks now. Tom uses absolutely zero agro-chemicals on his crops and he has been at it for close to 35 years – he knows what he’s doing and his produce tastes so, so good and is super-packed with nutrients.

Stop by this Saturday to pick some up for yourself……..and taste some wines too!  Cash or check only please.  The current list of available vegetables is listed below with the pricing.  As we get deeper into the summer, the roster of goods will increase. If the email link above doesn’t work, you can email me

Cilantro – $2.00/bunch

Lettuce – $2.50/huge head

Yellow squash – $2.50/bag of 4

Zucchini squash – $2.50/bag of 4

Potatoes – $2.50/big bag

Spinach – $2.50/bag

Kale – $2.50/huge bag

Rainbow chard – $3.00/huge bag

Beets – $3.00/big bag

Collard Greens – $3.00/huge bag

Cucumbers – $4.00/bag

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