Free Saturday Wine Tasting – The Wines of Cannonball Wine Company – Saturday, March 30, 2013 – 2:00 to 5:00 pm

Join us each and every Saturday at our tasting bar to taste a great batch of “Tuesday Night Wines”.  These are affordable and delicious wines that you can drink any night of the week with or without food.  We’re here to help you learn about and understand wine, not to make your feel illegtimate.  Leave your worries at the door because it’s always fun and friendly at Table Wine.

This week, we’re going to taste the wines from the Cannonball Wine Company.  Some of you have had them, but we’re sure many haven’t.  From their bright, thirst quenching Sauvignon Blanc to their nicely balanced Chardonnay, the whites are solid and easily compete with many of the popular, but mass produced wines that can be found elsewhere.  The reds are equally impressive, with a hearty and juicy Merlot followed by a lush, vanilla infused Cab.  These are all priced and styled to drink with or without food any night of the week.

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