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Free on Friday Wine Tasting: Try Our Red and White Wines of the Week

This will be your one and only chance to try our featured wines for free so don’t miss out!  Stop by this Friday, May 1st and get your weekend off to a good start with Asheville’s best free wine tasting.  This week, we’ll be pouring the 2009 Kumeu River Village Chardonnay, one of the great Chardonnay values in the world along with the 2011 Cantine Elvio Tintero Barbaresco, the best Barbaresco value we’ve ever come across.

We are the only shop in town that you’re going to find either of these wines and both are available in very limited supply.  Don’t miss your chance to try both before they sell out.

1. 2009 Kumeu River Village Chardonnay (Auckland, New Zealand): Kumeu River is the premiere Chardonnay producer in the Southern Hemisphere.  Run by the Brajkovich family since just after World War II, Kumeu River is one of New Zealand’s pioneering estates and the Brajkovich family are integral to the history of New Zealand wine.  This is their entry level Chardonnay, but it doesn’t behave that way at all.  Smelling and drinking like a fine White Burgundy, it flows with layers of ripe pear, spice apple, lemon, flinty mineral and hazelnut aromas and flavors.

2. 2011 Cantine Elvio Tintero Barbaresco (Piemonte, Italy): We found the best Barbaresco deal in the country and we bought all of the wine from our distributor.  The Tintero family can trace their roots in Italy’s Piemonte region back to 1900, and their wines are brought in by the super talented, all-star importer Kermit Lynch. Kermit doesn’t pick any bad wines, and this easily drinks like Barbarescos we’ve tried that cost well over $50.  Guess what?  It’s less than $30!  This is pure, old school, traditional Nebbiolo at its finest.

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