The Truth About Cheap, Mass Produced Wines

This piece was contributed by Lex Alexander of 3 Cups in Chapel Hill.  If you’re ever down that way, it is a great store led by a great staff.  At Table Wine, we strive to meet these same standards in the wines we choose for the store.  As Lex says below, these are factory wines…..I often call them “Frankenstein Wines”, as their components are adjusted and altered chemically and mechanically in a laboratory, before the final product is finished in a huge factory.  If you think all wine is made “naturally”, think again folks.  Not all vegetables are grown naturally, not all protein-bearing livestock are raised naturally, and the same premise applies to wine.  At the end of the day, I am of the opinion that naturally farmed and made agricultural “goods” taste much better than chemically raised and made ones………just my opinion, but I invite you to the store some Friday or Saturday to take the “Pepsi Challenge”.  This is not a fear piece, it’s a truth and information one.  Feel free to email me your comments or questions.  Now, on to Lex’s editorial……..I love the picture!

If you do the math, and I Cost Componentshave, in order to achieve the really low retail price on the shelf for “$2-Buck-Chucks” and most other wines under $9-10, the actual juice or wine has to cost almost nothing. Remember, the company must buy bottles, caps, labels, cardboard, pay shipping costs, distribution costs, and then the retailer must make their mark-up. These wines are made using the popular corporate mantra of “better living through modern chemistry.” Wine does not require an ingredient panel or any disclosure about how the grapes became wine.  These wines fulfill a function, but the aesthetic and healthfulness of the wine leaves a bit to be desired. NOTE: these wines are not made at a winery but rather a factory. Our wines have been carefully selected not only to have a greater proportion of your wine dollar devoted to grapes, but also to “taste more expensive than they cost”.Lex Alexander

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