Crisp Summer Whites Wine Tasting at Table Wine in Asheville, North Carolina.

Crisp Summer Whites – Free on Friday Wine Tasting

Friday, April 4 from 4-7 p.m. – Stop by the store this Friday to sample some crisp summer whites that will make your forget about the summer heat.  It’s the best free wine tasting in Asheville and you’re invited!

I’m kind of sick of talking about the weather.  Everybody’s talking about how hot it is…….stop already!  I know it’s hot, but it’s not like we’re in Florida or Missouri (where I grew up).  Either way, I invite you to the cool confines of Table Wine for reprieve.  We’re pouring an impeccable lineup of summer sippers including the 2016 Raetia Pinot Grigio, our new Case of the Month Selection and my pick for the Pinot Grigio deal of the year.  That one is second in the lineup, and I promise you it’s impressive.  Up first though, it’s a simple and crisp Sauvignon Blanc from Chile.  Classic notes of grapefruit, melon, and green apple prevail in this easy-to-drink white.  And last, but not least, it’s a special treat in the form of a tiny production Chablis from Domaine Costal.  Trust me, this is nothing like the large grocery store jugs of Chablis.  It’s truly world class!  All you have to do is stop by, taste, learn, and save big on all of the tasting wines.

All of the featured tasting wines are on sale the day of the tasting: take 10% off if you mix any 3, 15% off if you mix any 6, or 20% off if you mix any 12.

1. 2017 Santa Luz Sauvignon Blanc (Central Valley, Chile) – Yes, that vintage is correct!  This is just fresh, crisp, and inviting Sauvignon Blanc at a great price.  Yes, we know it’s good and we know it’s cheap………buy 2 bottles!
Tasting Price: $7.19 in mixed 3-packs | $6.79 in mixed 6-packs | $6.39 in mixed cases

2. 2016 Viticolori Alto Adige Pinot Grigio “Raetia” (Alto Adige, Italy) – Before you say “I don’t like Pinot Grigio,” try this!  From one of the top cooperatives of Northeastern Italy, this is Pinot Grigio with something to say.  Beautifully aromatic and flavorful, it offers up notes of ripe pear, peach, apricot and white flowers.
Tasting Price: $13.49 in mixed 3-packs | $12.74 in mixed 6-packs | $11.99 in mixed cases
Case of the Month Price: $10.99/bottle on your solid case — Over 20% off!

3. 2015 Domaine Costal Chablis “Les Truffières” (Burgundy, France) – Chablis is the northernmost part of Burgundy, and Chardonnay “behaves” differently here.  The cool climate and the limestone soils result in a higher acid and more mineral style that I am quite keen on.  This one is brought to us by importer Kermit Lynch……..being that he also brings in Raveneau, he knows a thing or two about top notch Chablis.  Fermented entirely in stainless steel and aged on its lees for 10 months, it is a nearly perfect white wine in my book.
Tasting Price: $31.49 in mixed 3-packs | $29.74 in mixed 6-packs | $27.99 in mixed cases

Josh Spurling
Owner/Operator at Table Wine


Spring and Summer Wines Tasting Table Wine Asheville North Carolina

Josh’s Perfect Spring and Summer Wines – Try 3 For Free Wine Tasting

Friday, June 2 from 4-7 pm — I’ve been waiting for agreeable weather to pour you some of my favorite spring and summer wines, and this Friday looks promising……….fingers crossed.  If you want to know what your favorite wine guy drinks when the weather turns warm and sunny, don’t miss this tasting!  If you like all variety of whites as well as life-changing dry rosé, do not miss this tasting.  I think you see the point.  Don’t miss this tasting!

Table Wine owner and operator Josh Spurling.

Many of you might not know that I actually drink more white, pink, and sparkling wine than red.  I don’t know why that is, but it’s a fact.  I guess whites don’t weigh on me as heavily, and Lynn and I eat a lot of Asian food.  That’s all I’ve got for you.  Beyond that, there is nothing like a cold, crisp, and refreshing glass of wine on a sunny day.  Join us this Friday as I reveal my secrets in the form of 3 of my favorite spring and summer wines.  Up first, it’s the brilliantly fizzy, light and highly aromatic Avinyo Petillant from Spain’s Penedes region.  Lynn and I went there last summer and drank tons of wines like this one, as did the locals.  After that, it’s a richer, creamier style of white wine from the Southern Rhone.  Domaine de Piaugier’s Cotes du Rhone Blanc is perfect for some of my favorite warm weather dishes.  Think grilled salmon or swordfish with grilled veggies on the side.  To finish up, it’s a really special wine from Chateau Peyrassol.  Their Cotes de Provence Rosé is one of the best pink wines we get each year, and we’re sharing it with you!  Stop by, taste, learn, and save big on all of the featured tasting wines.

The Wines
All of the featured tasting wines are on sale the day of the tasting: take 10% off if you mix any 3, 15% off if you mix any 6, or 20% off if you mix any 12.

1. 2016 Avinyo Petillant (Penedes, Spain) – If anyone says this wine is sweet, you will politely be asked to leave……..just kidding……sort of.  From famed Cava producer Avinyo, this is their Vi d’Agulla, the Catalan name for prickly wine.  Yep, it’s a little bit fizzy.  A blend of Petit Grain Muscat and Macabeu, the wine undergoes a secondary fermentation to give it it’s fizz.  The result is a beautifully aromatic, high acid, highly enjoyable white for screaching hot days.
Tasting Price: $13.49 on mixed 3-packs | $12.74 on mixed 6-packs | $11.99 on mixed cases

2. 2016 Domaine de Piaugier Cotes du Rhone Blanc (Southern Rhone Vallley, France) – If you’ve shopped with us, you’ve seen the “mountain” of Piaugier’s Cotes du Rhone Rouge in front of the register………it’s super!  We just picked up their white and it’s super as well.  A blend of nearly equal parts Clairette, Grenache Blanc, Viognier, and Roussanne, it is a ton of wine for the money.  Made with indigenous yeasts, barrel fermented in older French oak, with lees stirring once a week, it is rich, creamy, exotic and good to the last drop.
Tasting Price: $11.69/bottle | $11.04 in a mixed six pack | $10.39 in a mixed case

3. 2016 Chateau Peyrassol Cotes de Provence Rosé (Provence, France) – There is no disputing the greatness of this wine.  Before I even pour you some, know that you are on trial…….not the wine.  This is one of the oldest estates in Provence (they were founded by the Knights Templar), and they know a thing or two about dry rosé in these parts.  The estate uses their oldest vines to produce this wine.  A blend of Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah, and Tibouren (the secret weapon), it is one of the most concentrated and intense dry rosés in the world.  Some folks age it.  I don’t.  Enjoy!

Josh Spurling
Owner/Operator at Table Wine

Chenin Blanc Tasting

Free on Fridays Wine Tasting – Chenin Blanc Three Ways

Free on Fridays Wine Tasting this Friday, March 11th from 4:00 to 7:00 featuring a trio of Chenin Blanc based wines, including our new Wine of the Weeks!!!  Team Table Wine loves Chenin Blanc in all of its styles!  From incredible sparkling and dry wines to off-dry and dessert wines, it is an incredibly versatile grape that is a favorite of wine lovers all over the world.  Some of the best versions come from France’s Loire River Valley (Vouvray, Savenierres), but the Chenins coming out of South Africa today are seriously rising the ranks.  Join us as we pour you three distinctly different styles of Chenin Blanc this Friday — the first is completely dry, light and bright, the second is dry, but rich and fuller textured, and the third is what the French term “Sec Tendre,” or dry but tender with just a kiss of residual sweetness.  Stop by, taste, learn and save up to 20% off on all of the featured tasting wines.

Asheville's Best Free Wine Tasting

All of the featured tasting wines are on sale the day of the tasting: take 10% off if you mix any 3, 15% off if you mix any 6, or 20% off if you mix any 12.

The Wines

1. 2015 Indaba Chenin Blanc (Western Cape, South Africa) – South Africa does Chenin Blanc extremely well and the version from Indaba is always one of the country’s best values.  Fermented entirely in stainless steel, it is fresh, dry and packed with lovely aromas and flavors of yellow apple and white ginger carried by a hint of green almond through the bright finish. 87 points Wine Spectator
Tasting Price: $9.89/bottle | $9.34 in mixed six packs | $8.79 in mixed cases

2. 2015 A.A. Badenhorst Chenin Blanc “Secteurs” (Swartland, South Africa) – This is our newest Wine of the Weeks and it is an absolutely mesmerizing version of Chenin Blanc from Adi Badenhorst, one of the country’s masters of the varietal.  From older vines, the wine is fermented in a combination of concrete tanks and neutral oak, and it is aged on its fine lees.  The resulting wine is rich in golden fruit, silky in texture, and more complex in flavor.
Tasting Price: $14.39 on mixed 3-packs | $13.59 on mixed 6-packs | $12.79 on mixed cases
Wine of the Weeks Price: $14.99/bottle, $13.59/bottle on 6-packs, or $12.99/bottle on cases!

3. 2014 Domaine les Aubuisieres Vouvray “Cuvée de Silex” (Loire Valley, France) – Bernard Fouquet of Domaine les Aubuisieres runs one of the top estates in Vouvray.  His “Cuvée Silex” is what the French term Sec Tendre, or “dry but tender,” with just a touch of residual sugar balanced by the high natural acidity of Chenin. Medium bodied and boasting lovely aromas and flavors of mandarin orange, citrus oils, honeysuckle and mineral, this is a brilliant example of first rate Vouvray.
Tasting Price: $17.99 on mixed 3-packs | $16.99 on mixed 6-packs | $15.99 on mixed cases