Bubbly, Sushi and Chocolate – 2/9/2011

Join us on February 9 as we explore the wonderful world of sparkling wines.  Many of you have heard me say that one of the ultimate food and wine pairings is Champagne and sushi, and this will be your chance to experience those flavors working together.  We’ll sample a variety of sparkling wines, including 2 “real deal” Champagnes, as we munch on a platter of sushi from Green Tea.  If raw fish doesn’t agree with you, don’t worry as we’ll have some vegeterian rolls…….the cucumber/avocado roll is delicious!  We’ll cap the night off with some chocolate and a delicious sparkling dessert wine from Italy. 

The tasting runs from 7 to 9, and RSVP and pre-payment are required.  I know I’ve been pretty easygoing on the RSVP/pre-pay thing in the past, but this tasting is going to require a lot of planning and coordination.  We have room for 30 folks and the cost for the tasting is $25 per person or $20 for Grape Nuts.  Please call or email to reserve your spot.  Here are the wines we’ll be trying:

Belstar Prosecco
St. Hilaire Blanquette de Limoux
German Gilabert Cava Brut Rosato
Francois Pinon Sparkling Vouvray Brut
R. Dumont et Fils Champagne “Brut Tradition”
José Michel Champagne Brut “Pinot Meunier”
Sant Evasio Brachetto d’Aqui

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