Joe Wagner's Elouan Pinot Noir.

2014 Elouan Pinot Noir

Wine of the Weeks – A stunning new Oregon Pinot Noir release from the Wagner family!  I’m just going to tell it like it is — this is the “new” Meiomi Pinot Noir!  After selling his Meiomi brand to Constellation late last year, Joe Wagner has invested millions into Elouan Pinot Noir, his new project in Oregon.  As he says: “With Elouan we have managed to achieve ripe fruit characters, while retaining the quintessential Oregon Pinot Noir subtleties and nuances of bright acidity and a rich earthiness to the wine.”  After tasting this one last week, I have to say that Joe has hit a home run with this wine!  I don’t always agree with  the winemaker’s descriptions of their wines, but Joe has definitely outdone himself with this one.  If you are or were a fan of Meiomi, you definitely need to give this a try.  It’s the 2014 Elouan Pinot Noir, and it’s our new Wine of the Weeks.  Here’s the deal:

2014 Elouan Pinot Noir — On sale through Tuesday, June 14th 

Regular Price: $19.99/bottle

Sale Price: $17.99/bottle or $15.99 when you buy a solid 6-pack or more

Much like he did with Meiomi, Joe is crafting this wine by sourcing fruit from a variety of zones throughout Oregon to create a balanced and harmonious wine. The cooler climate character of the Willamette Valley contributes acidity, earth and complex spice notes while the fruit sourced from the warmer Rogue and Umqua Valleys adds a rich and ripe fruit character.  Joe’s goal with the wine is to develop richer flavors and fuller bodied texture while still maintaining the classic silky and complex character that Oregon Pintot Noir is known for.  He has succeeded!

What amazes me about this wine is the price!  If you know Oregon Pinot Noir, you know that it’s hard (nearly impossible) to find good Oregon Pinot for less than $20.  This is great Oregon Pinot Noir for less than $20!  In fact, I think it drinks like one that would typically cost you $30+.  It pours a deep ruby red color and the nose is packed with aromas of ripe red fruits, brown spice, and mellow earth notes.  On the palate, it is fuller bodied than most Pinots from the state, but it maintains varietal consistency and character in the form of its silky, supple and soft texture — velvet comes to mind.  Ripe flavors of cherry, strawberry, pomegranate and cinnamon are clearly present, but there is a slight savory/earthy/complex character to the wine that reminds you that it comes from Oregon.

Sound too good to be true?  Don’t listen to me, come try it this Friday.  Alternatively, listen to me and email me at or stop by the store and pick some up before the sale ends!  Cheers and happy drinking and eating in Asheville.

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