2013 Moris Farms Mandriolo

2013 Moris Farms Mandriolo

Moris Farms is one of the oldest, most influential, and highest quality producers of Maremma, in Southwestern Tuscany.  One of the ways we often find great value is to try (and often buy) the entry level wine from an esteemed estate, so we were extremely excited when Mike Tiano, one of our favorite wine reps showed up with a bottle of this in his bag for us to taste.  The 2013 Moris Farms Mandriolo is the debut release in the United States, it’s absolutely delicious, and it’s downright cheap!  Recently rated 88 points by Wine Spectator, they said that the price on this one should be $15…….and that the estate only made 500 cases!  Did we say this was a great value?  And we’re going to make it an even better value for the next 2 weeks.

2013 Moris Farms Mandriolo Rosso: $11.99/bottle regular price

On Sale Through Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Buy 6 Bottles: $10.19/bottle (15% off)

Buy 12+ Bottles: $9.59/bottle (20% off)

We know Moris doesn’t sound very Italian, and that’s because the family is originally from Spain.  They relocated to Tuscany over 200 years ago to start a traditional family farm growing a number of agricultural products.  As the years went by, viticulture became more of a focus for the family, and today they own close to 420 hectares with the vast majority of vineyards lying within the Morellino di Scanscano subzone of the rugged Maremma region in southwestern Tuscany.  These days, the estate is run by Adolfo Parentini, husband of Caterina Moris, along with help from his son Giulio and Attilio Pagli, one of Italy’s top consultants.

The Mandriolo is their entry level red, a blend of primarily Sangiovese with smaller doses of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, and Syrah all fermented in stainless steel.  When we say “entry level,” we don’t mean cheap tasting, boring red wine made with leftover, throwaway grapes.  Estates with tremendous reputations like Moris Farms cannot afford to make bad wine, and they quite simply don’t.  Far from it, as this one exudes a very nice, true Tuscan personality, with a nice mix of ripe cherry, black currant, assorted spice and violet notes.  Balanced, expressive, and packed juicy, ripe fruit, this could easily sell for $15+.  Great for drinking sans food, it would also be delicious if served alongside pizza, spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, or any number of red sauce favorites.  Stop by and pick some up or feel free to email us at josh@tablewineasheville.com, and we’ll be glad to hold some for you until you can make it by.

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