2011 Southern Belle Precious Syrah

What happens when delicious, old vine Spanish Syrah meets  used 20 year Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon barrels?  I know this sounds crazy, but you gotta’ trust me on this one folks.  My old wine buddy Jeb Boyd kept talking about this crazy, old vine Spanish Syrah that was aged in used Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon barrels, and I thought he was nuts.  He finally brought it by for me to taste last week, and I completely flipped out.  If you know me, I’m a pretty “traditional wine guy,” but when I tasted this one, I knew it was a home run.  Even as I write this piece, the aroma that’s wafting out of the empty bottle is still amazing.  Table Wine is the only retailer in Western North Carolina to get any of this one, and here’s the deal on it:

Regular Price: $54.99/bottle

On Sale Until It’s Gone: $46.74/bottle (15% off) or $43.99/bottle on 6-packs (20% off)

The man behind this project is the enigmatic Dan Philips of Petit Hameau Imports.  In a previous life, Dan found fame by importing Australian wines and peddling mail order edibles, including his Bacon of the Month Club.  When the economy went south, his business like many others went south, and Dan took some time off to regroup.  He’s back with a vengeance and I guarantee you this is going to set the wine world on fire.  Dan found a great fruit source in Jumilla, in Southeastern Spain, in the form of a 30 year old Syrah vineyard.  He then hired brilliant winemaker Chris Ringland to make the wine; if you’ve had a bottle of Alto Moncayo or Clio, you’ve had a Ringland wine, and you know they’re always larger than life.  To top it all off, Dan was able to source some used barrels from none other than Julian Van Winkle, proprietor of the famed Pappy Van Winkle Distillery in Kentucky.  Even better, before those charred American oak barrels held this Syrah for 18 months, they held Van Winkle’s whiskey for 20 years.

So what’s it like?  As you might expect, it’s extremely rich, heady, full bodied and in your face.  The old vine fruit shines through with aromas and flavors of blueberry liqueur, blackberry, black cherry and peppery spice.  Then the Pappy barrels kick in!  Wood smoke, brown sugar, vanilla, and sweet spice frame all of that ripe and savory fruit very nicely.  At the end of the day, this wine is just pure pleasure, and it’s the perfect bottle for the whiskey and wine lover in your life.  Super full bodied and full flavored, but smooth and silky on the palate, this is probably the closest thing you’re going to get to Pappy Van Winkle this Christmas season.

If you’d like to reserve some for yourself, just stop by the store or you can email me at josh@tablewineasheville.com or call me at 828.505.8588 to reserve some.  As I said, supplies are limited and there’s no more available from the importer.  Don’t miss your chance to taste a wine legend in the making.  Cheers and happy holidays, happy drinking, and happy eating in Asheville.

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